We know that a great place to trip is outside in nature. Sometimes however this is not really a possibility (looking at you Corona). That is why I feel that it is important that your Trip Cave is decorated with plants.

My absolute dream bedroom, sun and good vibes.

During this post we will look into all the essentials for your trippy room when it comes to plants. I will give you some idea's about potting idea's and what plants are easy to maintain. Because we all know.. the best plants in your house.. are plants that are still alive (this sometimes really can be a challenge in it self). But first let's start with the full on jungle trip cave.

Jungle trip vibes:

The perfect forest to start of with a wake and bake.

To be honest I get happy just writing about plants they are such a big mood boost for me when they are around in my room. And to me there is no such thing as having too much plants in my house. There are many benefits to having plants in the house which range from:

And honestly those are some pretty big positive points everyone can use in their trip cave. So let's start by pointing you in the right direction for creating your own jungle room.

I will now tell you exactly what plants have that full look to create an indoor jungle. But are also easy to keep up with, this means water these babies roughly once a week.

This is the Areca Butterfly Palm Tree which is originally a native plant to Madagascar. The name it carries derives from its leaves that curve upwards which creates a butterfly look.

Wow doesn't this plant look absolutely trippy!? It is known as the Monstera Adansonii Swiss Cheese. I mean it's a plant that's named after cheese what more do you want? It is not known for growing very quick.. but even though it's not a big plant it will still stand out in your trip cave because of its looks.

This is the must have classic plant known as the Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant. In India the roots of these plants are being used to build bridges while the plant is still alive! That's a crazy human and nature team up kind of thing! Pretty cool that we can have these plants in our daily living spaces nowadays.

Vines are perfect for covering up some area's and making them seem less bland.

Ivy can be grown indoor and usually grows its vines along a surface. So it is a perfect plant to grow around surfaces that you would like to cover up. It's best used on a mesh surface for example. A good tip however is to buy the fake version of this plant.

These fake vines are perfect to easily grow your house into a jungle.

We understand not everyone wants to turn their Trip Cave into a jungle.

But still want to have a bit of greenery in their trippy room they can stare at while tripping balls of the wall. Well we have just the things your heart needs.

This plant terrarium looks like it just comes out of a botanist chemistry experiment! The Frankenstein of plants! Seeing this with different colors of lighting will be a really cool effect!

This ceramic sloth though... This is one of the most creative planters I have come across! Perfectly sums up my Patronus while we are on it. Just chilling and hanging out in my room all day.

Peyote's are known for their variety of colors and shapes and almost requiring no watering! Ideal small green addition to your trip room.

Check out this Trip Temple:

Isn't this video absolutely crazy!? This house just straight out skips the label trip cave and goes straight on to LSD Disco Temple. Here at Tripcave.com we really want to give you some insight into what is possible in the world of trip caves.

And since a Trip Cave is a pretty private room in one's house it can be pretty hard to have inspiration to decorate it in a fitting manner. We know this and that's why we will give you a sneak peak into some fan created trip caves. Hopefully this will give you some ideas into some cool matching colors for your own space room.

For every picture that is posted we will give you a link to where you can buy these trippy lights. This makes the search easier for you after all. Let's start with the video above. Down below you can see an overview of the lighting that are displayed in the trip temple that is displayed in the video.

So much color is going on in this Trippy room! But we got you covered as we will discuss all the trippy lights that are used in this video to create this superb psychedelic space temple.

The first three lighting effects that we can see are, a Led Light Strip which will always give a cool effect. The best position to give this is either in a ceiling nook as can be seen in the above video. Or somewhere low by the ground, on the underside of your bed or couch for example. In the above video you can see how the led strip is also on the desk which is also pretty cool and something I haven't seen before. 

The second light that can be seen is, a color changing light bar. Which is conveniently put over the door. 

After this we can see a black light bar above the bed. Black lights are my absolute favorite. They give the best glow in the dark effect to any posters that are in your trip cave. We talked earlier about good wall decorations if you haven't go check it out right here! 


Imagen falling asleep underneath the stars every single night. Now you can! What I like about this room is that it can be changed into a trip cave just with one projector. This is great if you have to hide your trip cave from other people that you live in with.


To show you what this post was all about I leave you with this.

Enjoy your space psychonauts!

We at Trip Cave know that a good vibe is important when altering your head space. Having the right vibe is key to having a great trip instead of a bad one. 

Lots of factors are important when creating the right vibe, like; your friends, lighting, food, comfy furniture... There is so much that has an impact on your vibe while you are tripping. 

That's why we at Trip Cave came up with a great list of trip essentials that are a awesome to create a trippy room that are ideal to get you in the right zone.

Comfortable seating

If you are like me your favorite place to chill is on bed, but this is not always a possibility. Sometimes you hang out with friends or want to sit in your living room. A couch seems unbeatable but we came up with some idea's that you might not have thought about.

Bean bags

Every trip cave should have at least one bean bag. They are great to chill on or just to put your feet on when you are sitting on the couch. We have selected some bean bags for you that have an unique twist to them. We selected them on their comfort and durability.

As you can clearly see we go for maximum fluffiness in our selected bean bags.  But we know that sometimes you just really want to feel as if you are floating through the clouds. 


Hammocks truly give you a sense of being elevated while you are tripping. The fact that you can swing, lay down and just in general can make your body totally relax is such a nice feeling while being in a different head space. 

Trippy bedroom lighting

Lighting really gets people in the right mood, everyone has a preference for their favorite colors. Mine is preferably a red light. Calms my mind and always gets me in that mellow mood. I find purple light to be calming aswell and as a plus the blue in the purple keeps your brain better awake.

So what I gathered for you down below are some starter lights that are cheap and are used as main lights to get a decent trippy effect in your room.

Of course some projectors that create trippy light effects to look at while you’re tripping balls to the wall can’t miss out. So I have gathered some of the trippiest light beamers. Most of them have a remote so you can switch settings. Most projectors come with a various amount of colors. How cool is it that when you are tripping and with the press of a button you have the feeling that you are soaring over the ocean

Lava Lamps

Of course we know the classic Lava Lamps that can be super trippy and soothing at the same time. When I alter my headspace I just love to look at lights and moving things. Lava Lamps combine this in a truly natural way. It truly is as if light is performing a dance. The best thing about Lavalamps these days is however that they are cheap. They used to be about $60 but nowadays you have a decent lavalamp below $20. Most people also don’t know that there are Lava Lamps nowadays that work in the same way as the classic lava lamps but look totally different.

As you can see there are some crazy lavalamps out there and no trip cave is complete without it.

Trippy wall decorations

Alright we have covered the furniture and the lighting now it is time to decorate the walls of your trip room. Wall decor is essential to set the right mood, because bare walls will make you feel like you are tripping in a shoebox and that feeling has noone ever given a good trip. You have to make your trip cave like a place where you feel safe but also beautiful. And the easiest way for me to create beauty is playing with colors. We went over blacklights in the lighting chapter, so now I would like to point out that having artwork on your walls that react to blacklight is a trippy way to create a whole other level of color in your trip cave.

So I hope you all got some good ideas for designing your trip cave! Let me know via social media. And thanks for reading.

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