Trip room essentials, your guide to the ideal Trip Cave to space in!

We at Trip Cave know that a good vibe is important when altering your head space. Having the right vibe is key to having a great trip instead of a bad one. 

Lots of factors are important when creating the right vibe, like; your friends, lighting, food, comfy furniture... There is so much that has an impact on your vibe while you are tripping. 

That's why we at Trip Cave came up with a great list of trip essentials that are a awesome to create a trippy room that are ideal to get you in the right zone.

Comfortable seating

If you are like me your favorite place to chill is on bed, but this is not always a possibility. Sometimes you hang out with friends or want to sit in your living room. A couch seems unbeatable but we came up with some idea's that you might not have thought about.

Bean bags

Every trip cave should have at least one bean bag. They are great to chill on or just to put your feet on when you are sitting on the couch. We have selected some bean bags for you that have an unique twist to them. We selected them on their comfort and durability.

As you can clearly see we go for maximum fluffiness in our selected bean bags.  But we know that sometimes you just really want to feel as if you are floating through the clouds. 


Hammocks truly give you a sense of being elevated while you are tripping. The fact that you can swing, lay down and just in general can make your body totally relax is such a nice feeling while being in a different head space. 

Trippy bedroom lighting

Lighting really gets people in the right mood, everyone has a preference for their favorite colors. Mine is preferably a red light. Calms my mind and always gets me in that mellow mood. I find purple light to be calming aswell and as a plus the blue in the purple keeps your brain better awake.

So what I gathered for you down below are some starter lights that are cheap and are used as main lights to get a decent trippy effect in your room.

Of course some projectors that create trippy light effects to look at while you’re tripping balls to the wall can’t miss out. So I have gathered some of the trippiest light beamers. Most of them have a remote so you can switch settings. Most projectors come with a various amount of colors. How cool is it that when you are tripping and with the press of a button you have the feeling that you are soaring over the ocean

Lava Lamps

Of course we know the classic Lava Lamps that can be super trippy and soothing at the same time. When I alter my headspace I just love to look at lights and moving things. Lava Lamps combine this in a truly natural way. It truly is as if light is performing a dance. The best thing about Lavalamps these days is however that they are cheap. They used to be about $60 but nowadays you have a decent lavalamp below $20. Most people also don’t know that there are Lava Lamps nowadays that work in the same way as the classic lava lamps but look totally different.

As you can see there are some crazy lavalamps out there and no trip cave is complete without it.

Trippy wall decorations

Alright we have covered the furniture and the lighting now it is time to decorate the walls of your trip room. Wall decor is essential to set the right mood, because bare walls will make you feel like you are tripping in a shoebox and that feeling has noone ever given a good trip. You have to make your trip cave like a place where you feel safe but also beautiful. And the easiest way for me to create beauty is playing with colors. We went over blacklights in the lighting chapter, so now I would like to point out that having artwork on your walls that react to blacklight is a trippy way to create a whole other level of color in your trip cave.

So I hope you all got some good ideas for designing your trip cave! Let me know via social media. And thanks for reading.

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